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This is the homesite for the Star Trek roleplaying game, USS Kitty Hawk.

The campaign is set during those nebulous days after the USS Enterprise returned from her historic five-year mission. The Organian Peace Treaty has been in effect for over two years. In the time since the Organians forced an end to the last Federation-Klingon conflict, the Organians have ceased their intervention, and the Klingon incursions into Federation territory have become more frequent and violent.

Star Fleet, realizing the potential of war, stepped up its program to replace the aging Constitution-class ships that had been the fleet's mainstays for over two decades. The first ship constructed under the new Constitution-Class specs was the USS Kitty Hawk.

The Kitty Hawk serves as the Federation's first line of defense along the Klingon border. Her primary mission in time of peace, however, is exploratory.

The crew, under the command of Captain Zakal of Eltanin, represents worlds across the Federation and bring the high level of experience and abilities necessary to face the challenges of their mission.

Current Situation :

At this time, the USS Kitty Hawk is docked at space station Epsilon 10 in the Plateau Sector, a marginally-explored region on the Federation frontier. While the ship, damaged during its first mission, was in dock for repairs, her crew learned the identity of the infamous Klingon master spy, veqlargh pach (Devil's Claw).

Once the ship is spaceworthy, she and the crew--under the command of Captain Zakal of Eltanin--will be set for their most dangerous and exciting adventure yet: a mission to the Klingon Home World.

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The USS Kitty Hawk's next mission will take her intrepid crew to the Klingon Homeworld. For more information about this new storyline, visit Journey to Kronos.

Interested in more information about the game? Contact Randye Jones (she's the gm).

The gamemaster is compiling posts from the first mission into a narrative. The chapters, as they are *slowly* compiled, are available at A Question of Time/The Quest.

Visit the webpage of the real USS Kitty Hawk.

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