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The library is neither a roleplaying list nor a discussion list. Its sole purpose is to serve as an information store house that any gamemaster, player, or interested party can access.

Your friendly librarian, Randye Jones, is looking for material, either text or graphics, related to Star Trek, Stargame, sci fi, or roleplaying in general.

Library holdings are still limited at this time, but more material is added regularly. Most recently, the library added the first version of a list of Star Trek canon and noncanon sources that might be of interest to Stargamers as well as notes on Cardassian culture, military, and the infamous Obsidian Order. The newest project being considered is the preparation of a stargame chronology including major events of all current and, hopefully, past games.

Any gamemaster, player, or interested person may contribute material to the library. While size is a consideration, which will have to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, the primary concern is that it be relevant to Star Trek and/or Stargame roleplay.

Contributions to the library should be sent to: Also include a statement from the author granting permission to share her/his work.


It is not necessary to subscribe to the library to either make a contribution or to access its files. Any gamemaster, player, or interested person can generate a list of its available material by sending an "index library" command to You can get a description of file contents with a "get library holdings" command to majordomo. You can then get the desired files by sending a "get library filename" command to majordomo.

Here on the web site, go to Library Holdings page to access a list of the documents. On that page, either click on the icon or the name of the file and it will be displayed in your browser.

FTPing on Stargame has been disabled during our move to our own machine. This means that none of these files are available currently using that method. However, you can get a copy of Stargame Faqfile.

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Questions can be addressed to Randye, your friendly librarian, at or

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