Stargame Redux: USS Venture Archive

Stargame Archive: USS Venture

The Stargame Council Archivist Randye Jones kept many of the posts created by players on the games she played upon. She has begun converting these old ASCII files to .pdf's and will make them available as the project progresses. The files will also contain out-of-character (OOC) messages she received or sent. Unfortunately, OOC posts not sent to her or posted on the lists themselves are not included. Former players and gamemasters are invited to submit posts to enhance the archive. Please contact Randye directly at em

This is the archive for the USS Venture game, primarily under gamemaster Juan F. The archives covers emails posted between 1993 and 1997.

The file(s) from this game are located on the USS Venture Game Files page.

Player's Note: I joined Venture well after it was underway as Doctor Cantia Akapella. She was my first player character who originally was supposed to be an assistant to the chief medical officer. This was supposed to give me the chance to learn how to play, to dip my toe in the shallow end of the pool, as it were. As it worked out, though, the player who was CMO didn't return to the game, so Cantia was given a temporary promotion, and I was thrown into the deep end. The poor GM had to take me under his wing and help me along. Cantia was one of my favorite characters, and I plan to reprise the role if the 2009 movie version of Venture does come into existence. I generated a lot of emails with the GM and other players during this game. I've included all but very personal emails that I believe need to stay that way. They give a wider perspective of why at least some of what happened in the game happened as it did. I hope you enjoy the stories we created. -- Randye

Because of the nature of these posts, access will be password-protected and limited to former gamemasters and players of the specific game. To get access, please complete the form on the Archives page. You will be contacted soon thereafter.

BTW, we can not grant permission to reuse any of the contents of these archives. You should start by contacting the gamemaster for the specific game with requests like this.

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